Veterans Wanted, Make Great Entrepreneurship Students






Veterans at three college campuses just finished a week-long academic bootcamp. The Warrior Scholar Project prepares veterans to go back to school. Programs in Massachusetts, Michigan and Texas were the last of more than a dozen that took place this summer.

The Warrior Scholar Program (WSP) empowers enlisted military veterans by providing them with a skill bridge that enables a successful transition from the battlefield to the classroom; maximizes their education opportunities by making them informed consumers of education, and increases the confidence they will need to successfully complete a rigorous four-year undergraduate program at a top-tier school.

Enlisted veterans have an immense degree of untapped potential to succeed in higher education institutions and to progress onto successful careers.  To tap that potential, WSP addresses veterans’ misperceptions about college and builds their confidence through an intense academic reorientation.  The Warrior-Scholars learn how to frame and develop their ideas in an academic context, think critically, and formulate an agrument.  Through WSP veterans are not only learning the subject matter material, but they are learning how to learn.

The Warrior-Scholar Project consists of immersive one to two weeklong academic boot camps hosted at America’s top universities during the summer breaks, which are designed to:

~ Facilitate the often difficult transition enlisted veterans face when moving from a military culture to an academic culture inherent on college campuses.

~  Demonstarate and explain the fundamental skills and methods, or “tickes of the trade” that highly successful college students use.

~  Increase veterans graduation rates.

~  Prepare student-veterans to be leaders in the classroom.

Because community colleges are close to veteran homes of record and a natural springboard to four year universities, they can play an important role in the Warrior Scholar mission.  WSP can be reached in Washington, D. C., 1012 14th St., N. W., Suite 1200, zip 20005 and phone (202) 796-8777.  2017 campuses included Amherst College, Cornell, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Syracuse, Texas A & M, University of Michigan, University of Arizon, University of Chicago, Yale, University of Oklahoma,

Program includes a one to two weekong transition with seminar discussions with world-renowned professors, intensive writing workshops with university writing instructors, one-on-one sessions with tutors focused on essary writing, discussions with fellow student veterans regarding the challenges face by non-traditional students, skill building classes on note taking, time management, and study skills, advice on the college admissions process, and continued academic support from teh WCP network.

NACCE have the unique opportunity to expose the WSP students to the empowerment of entrepreneurship.  Our member colleges have dynamic entrepreneurship curriculums, many including an associated accelator or hacker lab, to expose veterans to self-employment and innovative thinking.  Veterans, after all, make extraordinary entrepreneurs having been trained in leadership, worked well in teams, and knowing how to overcome obstacles to complete missions.