USASBE President Endorses Entrepreneurship Book

The newly elected President of USASBE, the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Professor Heidi Neck of Babson College, has endorsed Clint Day’s new book on entrepreneurship, Set Your Own Salary. It tells prospective entrepreneurs how  to  successfully  launch  a  new business  using  basic  blueprints  to  build  a  successful  startup.  Clint   hopes to   educate   readers   on   the   value   of   self-­employment and the steps taken  to  achieve  it.   Heidi Neck, Ph.D, serves as Babson’s Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, and as director of the college’s SEE, Symposia for Entrepreneurship Education.  She has directly trained 2,000 educators from 48 countries and been recognized for her excellence in teaching entrepreneurship.  images   images

Dr. Neck says of the book, “Clint’s practical entrepreneurship experience bodes well in the book. Having founded three companies in the insurance space, he has the practical knowledge to guide and mentor students. Overall, his combined teacher training and practical experience make him an ideal person to explain the entrepreneurial process.”  Copies can be ordered on this website under Publications.