The Ultimate Resource List for a Business Startup

Watching your business flourish in your town is an incredible experience. Starting a local business doesn’t just give you a chance to further your career — it also provides an opportunity for you to build up your community; bring goods, business, and jobs to your neighbors; and make your mark on the place you call home. That said, it’s not an easy task. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll need to know before you get started, presented by guest blogger Marissa Perez.

Laying the Groundwork   –  Give your business a stable foundation:

  • Research local businesses to make sure you’re meeting an unaddressed market.
  • Consider starting off as a freelancer to get your bearings before you dive into full business ownership.
  • If you want to gain new skills to apply to your business, consider going back to school. Online classes make this easier and more accessible than ever before.

The Early Days  –  Your business’s first several years might be a challenge. These resources will help you through:

  • If you’ll have a physical shop or office, here’s how to scout a great location.
  • Build a relationship with a financial advisor so you can catch cash flow problems before they grow.
  • Don’t panic if it takes a while for things to take off. Many businesses don’t make a profit for the first several years.

Making a Long-Term Impact

Once your business is established, look for ways to give back to your community:

  • Commit to regular charitable giving that will make a difference in your city.
  • Get involved with your local chamber of commerce in order to stay on top of local business news.
  • Prioritize local hires and people who want to put down roots in order to build a stronger community.

Local businesses have a lot of power when it comes to raising up the community and building a better tomorrow. We hope these resources help you to reach your goals and make your mark.          Photo Credit: Pexels

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