Two Recent Activities of Note

Ignite the Entrepreneur e-Book

Truly, a unique experience.  One incredibly dynamic lady from Alberta Canada has give the world a big chunk of self-improvement by publishing over a dozen Ignite books, the latest titled as above and highly recommended.  It contains thirty individual stories of entrepreneurship from people all over the globe -Finland, Romania, Morocco and more, and your editor has one on page 240.  Go to this link to download an e-Kindle copy –

Owners are J. B. Owen, the dynamic lady, and Peter Giesin. If you have a hankering to write in one of her books, go to their website –  It is a first class experience with instruction sessions in writing, social media and  guest speakers the like of Les Brown, motivational guru.  Here’s quote from my chapter as a taste of prose:

“Just like that, completely impetuously, we made the decision, and it was an “ah-ha” moment for both of us. That day, we stayed home, brainstormed goals, came up with a list of criteria, and visited a library to do research. The only location meeting all yardsticks was Jacksonville, Florida, which I had never visited and my wife only once.  It had large healthcare and insurance industries, and we each wanted to be self-employed in those fields. Florida law said an insurance agent had to work for another broker before licensing. In the interim I was looking for a niche product to match a target market.

Moving to a strange city across the country was a bold experiment.  We were a bit idealistic and heavy into goal setting. When we first met, we had both been reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  His book said, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve” and we wanted to give it a shot. We checked into a low-budget motel, hand-wrote resumes, and went cold calling. I had a letter of introduction to a surety producer, and Donna went to work for a self-employed PT to learn that side of rehab while I served a required year working for a large insurance broker. Synchronicity again came to the rescue!

The south has many “EMCs” or electric member cooperatives established during the New Deal to provide electricity to rural America. I was chosen to train as the rep for a national rural electric insurance program. One competitor came into clear focus. My boss heard of an impossible bond (surety for construction projects) issued by a small company across town called… Cotton States (CS).  Then, a month later I could not “close” (an order for insurance) at a rural electric in Georgia. The competition was again Cotton States, the same regional company based in Atlanta.  My curiosity was piqued, and I thought of Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.”  ~ Editor Clint Day.

Bodacity Unleashed Workshop

One of the Ignite authors from above (different book) is Jannette Anderson who teaches a life purpose workshop called Bodacity Unleashed.  I took it 14-16 May, and can tell you if you do not have a firm and satisfying purpose, you should too.  Her Faster Mind Group works you progressively through your “Why” basing tools on neuroscience starting using your own 3-5 significant experiences during your life.

I did it, and quickly discovered three of my five  meaningful occurrences centered around service in the Army during the Vietnam War.  Not only did I learn leadership in some hairy circumstances, but I also met my wife from the Army medical corps and later grew a pituitary tumor probably from exposure to Agent Orange.  So my impactful experience determining future values, goals, and viewpoints turns out from combat service.  Once uncovered from there a participant can design a roadmap to purpose and profit.  One identifies gaps and needs to address going forward.

Bodacity’s action steps are carefully thought out, and they can change a person’s life.  Jannette Anderson can be contacted and followed at  ~ Editor Clint Day.

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