Two Great Social Startups Doing Good

This Bar Saves Lives founders are Hollywood actors two of whom were inspired by a trip to Liberia to help build a bridge.  Ryan Devlin went to Liberia with Todd Grinnell where they met kids who were suffering from severe malnutrition. It was heartbreaking… but also inspiring because they saw the incredibly simple, life-saving nutrition that was returning them to health. They decided right there to get more nutrition to kids in need, so back home they met up with friends Ravi Patel and Kristen Bell to figure out how. They made a LOT of snack bars in our kitchens and then partnered up with the best non-profit orgs around. Before long, This Bar Saves Lives was born.


KIDBOX is the only personalized style box that combines premier brands for sizes newborn to 14, amazing prices, and a mission to clothe one million children in need.

TAKE THE KIDBOX STYLE QUIZ      1.  Answer a few quick questions to tell us what makes your kid unique.
ORDER YOUR BOX      2.  Each box has 6-7 stylish items, hand picked for your kid by our stylists, delivered to your door.Each box has 6-7 stylish items, hand picked for your kid by our stylists, delivered to your door.
TRY BEFORE YOU BUY      3.  Only pay for what you love. No styling fee and no commitment.   Shipping is free both ways.
DONATE & SAVE      4.  Keeping the whole box? Enjoy amazing KIDBOX pricing AND select a charity to help a child in need.

DONATE –  Keep a full box, choose a charity, and we’ll donate to a child in need. NO OBLIGATONS – No styling fee, Pay for what your keep.                                 EASY & CONVENIENT – Delivered to your door anytime your kids need a refresh. SAVINGS – enjoy up to 50% off retail prices when you keep the whole box.       FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS – Always, no questions.

KIDBOX is run by a Kids Board of Directors, a group of amazing kids from across the U. S. who share the common goal to change the world through a passion for social good.  For every KIDBOX YOU keep, YOU’LL donate an item of clothing to a child in need!