The Lean Product Playbook

Essential new book for Lean Startup believers and practitioners by Dan Olsen.  How to innovate with minimum viable products and rapid customer feedback.  How to build products customers want by determining your target customer, identifying underserved customer needs, defining the value proposition, specifying your MVP feature set, creating a MVP prototype, and testing your MVP repeatedly with customers.LeanProductPlaybookCover2The Lean Product Playbook is a valuable component in the lean startup process with its own hierarchy of needs similar to Maslow’s on human needs. Olsen calls his hierarchy the product-market fit pyramid consisting of five layers –target customers on bottom, followed by underserved needs next. Then, before the next three forming the product on the top he inserts the product-market fit as a third layer with the value proposition next, topped by the user experience he calls “UX”.

LP Process 2Entrepreneurs use the principles of UX design to iteratively improve the product-market fit to build great products. The Lean Product Playbook’s sole aim is to create products that customers love.  The point is to get objective feedback from real customers.