The BMC Business Model Canvas

The man to the left made a major contribution to new venture and the field of  entrepreneurship.  He is Alexander Osterwalder as Swiss born business consultant who with co-creators and while working on a Ph.D developed the primary tool of evidenced-based planning known also as “lean startup”, the business model canvas (BMC).  It is a nine-component, one-page visual block represents a business organization.  Based on Osterwalder’s consulting experience with partner Yves Pigneur, it encompasses all facets of a successful business.

About the same time, a Silicon Valley dot-commer Steve Blank who had founded several successful internet startup companies, chronicled his story, the Four Steps to the Epiphany, in which he layed-out customer development. The customer development process is a series of activities an organization takes to discover, test and validate business assumptions by partnering with end-users, the market that will buy the product or service.  Since inception over 5 million people have used the business model canvas as the primary template to design new venture enterprise.

Recently Osterwalder gave the keynote talk at the lean innovation educators summit in Dec. and was interviewed by Philip Bouchard of TrustedPeer for his entrepreneurship series.  For insights into Alexander Osterwalder’s philosophy we offer links to both talks below.  The first is 3/4 of the way through the recording, while the second is 100% his interview:

Courtesy of Common Mission and TrustedPeer

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