Tampa Bay Business Owners Host Podcaster.

The Tampa Bay Business Owners hosted an original and successful podcaster, Glenn Hebert, tonight at their monthly Main Event held at the Centre Club in downtown Tampa.  Glenn was interviewed by Chris Krimitos, their chief creative officer.  All entrepreneurs should take heed of the growing podcasting trend for two reasons.  First, it is a wonderful micro-niche way to reasonably advertise to target  customers, and second podcasters are looking for guests with stories to tell.  Glenn Hebert loves horses, and he began hosting all and everything about the love of horses on his shows.  As the home of equine related online horse radio, its weekly shows present unique content, entertainment, humor, news, interviews,  and competition reports from around the world.



The Horse Network Radio was one of the very first podcast sites who today has 130,000 listeners supported by 32 regular sponsors.  It is a true entrepreneurial pursuit in every sense especially a burning passion about the subject which is a unique niche catering to a tight knit market segment.  For more on the HRN go to http://www.horseradionetwork.com/. The show is based in Ocala, Florida.

HRN2Podcasts consist of the episode files that you download and an XML file that lists all the episodes. When you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes reads the XML file and downloads the latest episode. Each day, iTunes rereads the XML file. If a new episode is available, iTunes downloads it automatically.