Super Video Podcast with MSU’s Director, Center of Family Enterprise

Interview with U. S. expert in family business

Here’s a real treat to learn more about  entrepreneurship’s most common small business, the family enterprise.  The expert professor being interview is Dr. Jim Chrisman, the Director of Mississippi State University’s Center for Family Enterprise.  Jim has conducted over 500 studies of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program, presented at U. S. Congressional hearings, and published over 175 articles in business journals.  He is interviewed by Philip Bouchard, founder of Trusted Peer which advances innovation by advising institutions on entrepreneurship and operates this well subscribed video podcast.

Some of the topics they discuss within the podcast are the competitive advantages of family businesses, why family business is associated so closely with entrepreneurship, some of the most important family-firm-specific factors university centers should focus on, current trends in small businesses in the U. S. today, and the definition of socio-economic wealth.  So sit back and enjoy this valuable podcast:

For more on the Center for Enterprise and Dr. Chrisman – and Office: (662) 325-1991.

For more information on Trusted Peer and Philip Bouchard – or, and Office  ‭(415) 218-3203‬.

Courtesy Trusted Peer’s Interview with Thought Leaders Website.

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