Special Small Business Seminar May 17th at State College of Florida

In the fairly new State College of Florida Bradenton Campus incubator, the 26 West Center, on Wed., May 17th at 4:30 PM a panel of experts will provide tips and answer questions for small business owners about growing their businesses.  For those not on the Florida Gulf Coast able to attend in-person, the event will be recorded and available on this blog as well as the training site, opportunityeri.com/resources afterwards.  Please feel free to attend in-person and, if not possible, schedule a viewing of the recording.  Those experts above, Dr. Bruce Teague, chair of the Florida Gulf Coast University entrepreneurship dept., Dr. Andy Gold, Vice-President of NACCE.com, the National Association for Community College  Entrepreneurship, RADM Paul Solh, CEO of the Florida High Tech Corridor, and Dennis Zink, former Chair of the award-winning Manasota SCORE chapter will provide recommendations and then answer all questions about specific situations among those in attendance.  As host, I will give a short overview of two small business growth methods…use of the BMC (business model canvas) Plus and the new Don Miller book, “How to Grow Your Small Business” airplane model.

The information is particularly useful to successful startups into their second stage growth.  How do they take their unique product or service and grow it by increasing sales or developing a new product -market fit related.  Such knowledge is in demand and the reason this seminar with its expert panel put together.  Don Miller is a best selling author whose earlier business books include “Business Made Simple” and “Building a Stored Brand”.  The concept of using the BMC together with a worksheet of individual component tasks listed by priority and deadline came out of the SCORE chapter in San Luis Obispo CA.

We appreciate corresponding organizations to this blog passing on the information about the in-person date and time as well as the two sites that will then have a link to the recording afterwards.  Editor.

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