Small Business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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The Difference Between Metrics and KPIs

While the terms metrics and KPIs are often conflated, each has a distinct meaning. Metrics are any quantifiable data a company monitors to track performance and improvements across the business. Once an organization starts tracking an important metric, it has a baseline against which it can compare future numbers

to see how the performance of various processes or teams has changed over time. As a business grows, it often starts tracking more metrics, including ones specific to certain initiatives or departments.

Key performance indicators are metrics that are particularly important to your business because they measure progress against critical company objectives. A distinguishing feature of KPIs is they usually have predetermined goals, which is not true of all metrics—a company might monitor certain metrics for years without specific targets in mind. At least a few KPIs are usually financial metrics, like revenue growth, profit margin, cash flow and customer acquisition cost.

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