Small Business Institute Annual Conference February 27-29, 2020

Our Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc. (ERI) team felt the excitement of higher learning possibilities as we attended our first Small Business Institute’s conference earlier this year.

Hosted by outgoing President Timothy C. Dunne, PhD. the Small Business Institute’s (SBI) 44th Annual Conference was held in the beautiful city of New Orleans. SBI is the premier organization engaging business, education and the community.  SBI is the country’s oldest continuous professional association dedicated to experiential entrepreneurship and small business education and practice.  Their website is: Membership includes two journals, entrance into the Project of the Year (POY) competition (mentioned further below), and mentoring assistance for your SBI program.

Professor Andrew Holt, VP of Programs, organized this year’s conference with the theme of ‘Jazzing Up’ small businesses. He impressed upon the achievements of SBI’s teaching, research and service activities. These achievements all support the small business sector and encourage the next generation of small business owners and consultants to focus their careers in this area.  After his opening statements of gratitude for all the support of SBI’s leadership, he passed the microphone back to the President to kick off an aggressive agenda full of learning and fun.

The full program can be found here:

Watch video highlights of the program here:

SBI provides opportunities for students to showcase their consulting work in the Project of the Year (POY) competition.  Project types include Comprehensive, Specialized and Feasibility/Business Plan.  The three POY placing teams for both the graduate and undergraduate categories were invited to present a poster at the SBI conference.  A representative from the winning project was in attendance at the Awards ceremony.  Further information can be found here:

Attendees enjoyed relaxing together during a Friday night social which took place at Mardi Gras World.  There were workshops, costumes and floats as far as the eye could see!  We delighted in touring the facility which concluded with a nice dinner overlooking the Mississippi river.

ERI is a veteran owned non-profit. The ERI team embarked on a field trip to the breathtaking National WWII Museum during our stay.  The expanded museum covers every aspect of America’s involvement in the war.  This creates an environment that draws you in to deep contemplation on the sacrifice it takes for our current day freedoms.  God bless our vets!

Whitney Peake, current SBI President, is providing strong leadership during these uncertain times by reaching out and communicating with members. She quickly points to one of the greatest values of the SBI community, cultivating comradery and friendship among members. ERI is proud to be a member of SBI and a part of their community.  We hope that you will join us! 






By Clinton Swigart, CPA, MA

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