Slope of the Curve, by Working Nation

Those who read this blog regularly know Clint Day has preached the danger of the “Perfect Storm” shown  below. No one has better depicted the impact of the Perfect Storm on the U. S. workforce than the video by Working Nation also shown below.  The most prominent solution is teaching, facilitating, and helping spread the skill of…entrepreneurship.  Thanks to the internet and Silicon Valley’s invention of its lean startup entrepreneurship it  can be taught and, more importantly, learned by anyone with desire.  The reason is evidenced-based planning where an end-user, the persona with a problem or a need, helps design the product through Steve Blank’s customer development process. Now displaced truck drivers, for example, can use a hobby, interest or past work experience to start their own small, successful business.

Start with learning an entrepreneurial mindset by reading Kyle Garman’s book The Entrepreneurial Mindset and watch  Next choose an idea you are passionate about that fills a need.  Try to have an emotional investment in the concept and read this article /howtofindyourpassion.html. Finally, learn lean startup from and video as you find a mentor at a college entrepreneurship program, an incubator or the state SBDC (Small Business Development Center).

The Slope of the Curve (by Working Nation) 

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