Set Your Own Salary Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi
An Ode to Entrepreneurship xiii

Chapter One Build Desire 1

Chapter Two Send Out a Cause 7

Chapter Three Generate Ideas 13

Chapter Four Think Outside the Box 21

Chapter Five What Kind of Business Should I Choose? 27

Chapter Six The High Percentage Model 33

Chapter Seven Use the Combo Plan 53

Chapter Eight Where There Is No Risk, There Is No Reward 63

Chapter Nine Work Hard and Work Smart 69

Chapter Ten People Are Key 75

Chapter Eleven Selling Is a Value Proposition 81

Chapter Twelve Mastering the Tools and Putting It All Together 85

Chapter Thirteen The Plentiful Harvest 91

Chapter Fourteen Leaving Your Mark on the World 97

Chapter Fifteen What Are You Waiting For? 103

Resources 107
Glossary of Terms 109
The Entrepreneurship Map 115
Bibliography 117
About the Author 121