Rhonda Abrams Speaks on New Stimulus for Business.


Let’s face it: the proverbial sh*t’s hit the fan. Yes, the language might be a bit crude, but what else can you say when, in response to a world-wide pandemic, the entire economy comes to a screeching halt? Small business owners and startup entrepreneurs have never been faced with anything like this. But can challenging times lead to successful companies? Yes! And this book can help you―with 99 specific, time-tested, do-it-now tips that will show you how to survive and thrive in any economy―even a recession. America’s leading small business guru is dedicated to helping you thrive, and she shares what she’s learned from decades of experience with successful entrepreneurs―many who’ve faced tough times and come out even better on the other side. They could do it―and so can you. We guarantee you’ll find at least one, but probably dozens, of tips that will help you make more money, run your business more efficiently, and sleep better at night.


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