How to Refine Your Growth Strategy


When you’re facing growing pains, the right tweaks can boost growth and create new opportunities.

What happens when you are doing well but face new challenges because of success?  Businesses call it growing pains.  You can excel at strategy and execution but feel pressure on your process.  You might discover gaps in your overall strategic plan.  Solo entrepreneurs, startups, and creators have the advantage of being nimble.  You get to edit your strategy and plan on the fly.  Making those changes and adjusting the course can improve your outlook.  There are several angles you can explore to refine you growth strategy.  The right tweaks can boost growth and create new opportunities:

  1. Keep refining your pitch.
  2. Narrow down your niche.
  3. Draw the line.
  4. Relationships matter more than anything.
  5. Enhancing your relationships.
  6. Hunting vs. farming.
  7. Having a retention strategy.
  8. Having regular touchpoint.
  9. Diversifying and branching out.
  10. Try free, freemium, and loss leaders.
  11. Give free work as a selling strategy.
  12. Trying the freemium model.
  13. Using loss leaders to drive sales.
  14. Adding giveaways as a token of appreciation.

Courtesy Medium article by Max Dufour published 2/1/2022 in Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

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