Real Training Needs Is…Entrepreneurship!

Jist of this great article in today’s USA Today by Jeb Bush and Terry McAuliffe is these COVID times are unprecedented, and USA needs a swift recovery through a massive remobilization of workforce through “training and learning”.  We believe nothing can do more good nor empower more jobless workers than learning entrepreneurship.  The modern startup planning method known as “lean” launch or startup has proven anyone with desire can learn how to become self-employed.  Our non-profit is so convinced of this truth we have dedicated our efforts to reaching as many in need as possible by “training the teachers” to help as many as possible quickly.  More on and  Lean works because it validates a carefully designed business model through customer development which works with the potential end-user or buyer to create a winning concept or solve a problem.  Entrepreneurship is a huge solution to the problem of massive workforce disruption.  Editor

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