Quick Course on Lean Startup

One thing coming out of the recent Dec. 2020 Lean Innovation Educators Summit was a need for a quicker, yet comprehensive lean startup course.  The Bible is Steve Blank’s lean launch pad which the editor was  privileged to take about 2014.  There are really two versions, the original by Steve and the big company “agile” developed by his Berkeley student Eric Ries.  Steve suggested the following for a quick exposure his customer development (key to lean) model:  CONCEPT:

Lean in Context      

How did we build startups in the past?

The Business Model

An introduction to The Business Model Canvas

The Minimal Viable Product

How to Get, Keep and Grow Customers?

How to Get Out of the Building and Test the Business Model

What is Customer Development


Why Get Out of the Building?

short article on how to do Customer Discovery via Zoom

Jobs to be done

Customer Validation

The Pivot

The Harvard Business Review Article “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything” ties the pieces together https://hbr.org/2013/05/why-the-lean-start-up-changes-everything.

For any links not opening, please go to Steve’s own post at https://steveblank.com/2021/01/06/a-quick-course-on-lean-via-remote-learning/ for a link that will open.  Page courtesy Steve Blank, whom we call the “Godfather” of lean startup.

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