Have you ever dreamed of starting a business and making it on your own as an entrepreneur? The authors featured in this powerfully inspiring book have done exactly that. This book tells their personal stories, diving deep into the motivation and determination they required as they faced challenges, dealt with failures, and stayed steadfast in their belief that they would make it as an entrepreneur. These ordinary, extraordinary visionaries come from all walks of life and entrepreneurship, from small home businesses to million-dollar enterprises, and they share with you the experience and expertise they have gained as they embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and build the life of their dreams. This is a must-read for all aspiring entrepreneurs! 

“If you want to gain personal and financial freedom and enjoy every day of work, this book is for you. Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” —Clinton E. Day, MBA. Download on Amazon.


Published in 2016 in both print and e-book, Understanding Lean Startup is published by Booklogix and is available for download on Amazon.

While the evidence-based or lean startup has become the most successful way to start a new business, most textbooks still don’t explain the subject.  The majority of entrepreneurship training now uses this early validation of a product or service by an end user as an accepted practice.  Surprisingly, there is no single resource to use as a reference to understanding the concept. s a result, we have put all the divergent paperback resources into this one book for easier understanding.  After all, lean startup (evidenced-based entrepreneurship) is the most important change to creating a new business in fifty years.

This new book, Understanding Lean Startup, will give a reader all they need to double their chance for success in building a business. Success while keeping them current in entrepreneurship trends.

Strengthen skills, know where to start, and reduce your risk. Growing in universities as a separate degree in itself, any business major or inspired self-starter will find a barrage of tools that create a road map to the American Dream. With a focus on doing it “lean”, this 6-page guide by Clint Day, serial entrepreneur, business professor, and Babson SEE graduate.

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Suggested uses:

Students – quick reference tool for a major in entrepreneurship or business
Professors – supplemental reference for courses that focus on aspects of business and entrepreneurship
Personal – start your own business – for people who want to work for themselves and feel there is a better way to provide a service or product that they feel is meaningful, fulfilling, and profitable
Consultants – provide a supplemental reference and/or promotional giveaway for entrepreneurship and start-up presentations, courses, conferences, training, and the like.

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A fun read, this book intersperses the principles of entrepreneurship with entertaining stories about successful entrepreneurs (Michael Dell, Bill Gates, James Dyson, Henry Kaiser, Fred Smith, the Wright Bros., and others).

In this book, you will find a winning formula for self-employment, learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs, and discover the best methods to start a new venture. Follow these guidelines, stay the course, and you will be rewarded beyond dreams with financial independence and personal satisfaction.

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A six-page, laminated chart, the Lean Entrepreneurship Guide summarizes all 14 methods of evidenced-based, lean startup planning. It features the Steve Blank Lean LaunchPad method but also has two engineering school methods, a complete glossary, a detailed lean course outline, and an explanation of the customer development process.

The evidenced-based, idea-validation way of planning is the most important change to entrepreneurship education in 50 years. It comes out of Silicon Valley, where their new internet platform required a different way to do startup than a traditional business plan. Absorption of some ten books is now required to grasp the meaning of lean startup. This guide is the first real summary of all methods and strategies. Students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and government entities can use the guide to train the one method that guarantees success or failure before scaling or risking large sums of capital. Download on Amazon


Why a Positive Attitude Matters

What is it that separates the entrepreneur from other members of our human tribe? Why do some people want to solve a problem and make it work while others don’t see a need at all? The Small Business Administration tells us there are 15 million individuals who are self-employed. They are of all races, gender, education, and work experience. What makes them innovate…

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Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn