Crowdfund & Own a Whiskey Distillery.

CEO Tom Lix can create “on-demand” whiskey with new wood flavors like Sugar Maple Wood, Apple Wood, Black Cherry Wood, Honey Locust Wood and Hickory Wood.

When equity crowdfunding opened for business a few weeks ago, I mentioned my first investment in the new asset class was with Cleveland Whiskey, an innovative whiskey distillery that can age a batch of whiskey in a day (compared to the 8-12 year norm).

Since then, CEO Tom Lix has been a guest on the Krowdfund Pitch Podcast to pitch his startup business to potential investors and imbibers, and I’ve written an in-depth analysis on why I chose to invest $200.

It’s been over 80 years since normal Americans could invest in privately held startups. It’s also been over four years since the laws intended to change that fact were signed by President Obama.

But last week Title III of 2012’s JOBS Act finally went into effect, opening the door for us all to invest as little as $100 into startups and small businesses.

I just made my first crowdfunded investment in Cleveland Whiskey, which can age a barrel of whiskey in days versus years. I’ll be regularly sharing my other favorite investment crowdfunding opportunities with  Krowdfund  For the first time in over 80 years, everyday Americans can invest in privately held startups and local small businesses.