NACCE Conference Takeways.

2015-conference-web-banner-fWe have just returned from the NACCE annual conference in Houston, theme Best Practices in Teaching Entrepreneurship as part of Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Culture.  My presentation was on use of the entrepreneurship quick study guide as a tool for faster learning and better retention using the principle of Micro-Learning.  When students see concepts visually neuroscience has shown they are easier to recall and their contextual nature improves engagement.  It is also known as bite-sized learning.  The entrepreneurship quick study guide can improve continuous learning according to studies by Wharton, LaSalle and the U of MA.

The conference also conducted great panel discussions featuring university chancellors, entrepreneurs, college presidents, Gallup pollsters, grant makers, e-center directors, a SBDC navigator, and the Director of Innovation at U. S. Dept. of Commerce.  An exhibit hall featured many organizations and vendors in support of entrepreneurship education.  My two favorite sessions were the story of the entrepreneurship success at Seminole State College FL, which saw student enrollments increase from 20 students to 500 in a span of 18 months, and ELI’s use of Ice House materials to build a student success program.  Instead of an entrepreneurial mindset they build a “growth mindset” for all student populations. Using it Pikes Peak Community College CO has experienced a 28% increase in student persistence, a 14% improvement in college success, and a 7% impact on the beginning weeks drop-out rate.