NACCE 2019 Entrepreneurship Star Award

By Clinton D. Swigart

Entrepreneurship and Innovation at HCC hosts the Annual Susie Steiner Community Impact Award Breakfast with an outstanding morning reception full of laughs, tears and accomplishments. Hosts Beth Kerly and Dr. Andy Gold captivate the audience with their fun-loving antidotes inviting the audience in to feel the rollercoaster of highs and lows experienced throughout the year as if you were right there with them.

Of the awards presented, one especially is near and dear to our hearts which is this year’s NACCE Entrepreneur Star Award! The NACCE Entrepreneur Star Award presented by Rebecca Corbin, President of NACCE goes to… CLINTON E. DAY!

Here is the exciting presentation for your viewing pleasure in which Dr. Corbin explains the importance of the award given and Clinton E. Day shares highlights and lessons learned of his Entrepreneurship journey with his beautiful wife Donna (my two amazing Godparents).

Thank you all for your continued support of and our educational nonprofit Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc.