Lean Startup Anthology Free 5-9 July on Amazon.

Our book, Understanding Lean Startup (ULS), in e-book form will be offered as a FREE download on Amazon between 7/5 and 7/9/2106, the week after the July 4th weekend.  Please let all entrepreneurship programs, accelerators, Chambers of Commerce, economic development bodies, and those wanting to start their own business know.


While evidence-based or lean startup has become the most successful way to start a new business, most textbooks still don’t explain the subject.  The majority of entrepreneurship training now uses this early validation of a product or service by an end user as accepted practice.  Surprisingly, there is no single resource to use as a reference to understand the concept.  As a result, this new anthology of smart or lean startup sources has been written to help entrepreneurs understand the most important change to entrepreneurship education in fifty years.

No longer does an entrepreneur have to struggle with time and money, only to fail post-launch.  Using lean startup or evidence-based entrepreneurship, anyone can become successfully self-employed.  Building on proven success from Silicon Valley, the book details the best way to launch a new venture today.  By reading this book  you will:

  1.  Learn the power of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and its nine components.
  2.  Invest time searching, finding, and executing an idea before spending money.
  3.  Discover how validated learning trumps all other ways to start a new business.
  4.  Understand the importance of the product/market fit (a problem and its solution).
  5.  Establish demand by really listening to the customer then fund, expand, and scale.
  6.  Test the minimum feature that demonstrates a unique value, and just start.

This new book gives the reader all they need to comprehend the evidenced-based process to discover and validate a successful business model.  Released first as an e-book and now available on Amazon, it will be available for a FREE download between the 5th and the of July and as a print book in August 2016.