Lean Entrepreneurship Guide

A six-page, laminated chart, the Lean Entrepreneurship Guide summarizes all 14 methods of evidenced-based, lean startup planning. It features the Steve Blank Lean LaunchPad method but also has two engineering school methods, a complete glossary, a detailed lean course outline, and an explanation of the customer development process.

The evidenced-based, idea-validation way of planning is the most important change to entrepreneurship education in 50 years. It comes out of Silicon Valley, where their new internet platform required a different way to do startup than a traditional business plan. Absorption of some ten books is now required to grasp the meaning of lean startup. This guide is the first real summary of all methods and strategies. Students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and government entities can use the guide to train the one method that guarantees success or failure before scaling or risking large sums of capital.

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