Iterative Business Change via COVID-19.

Below (L to R): David Solomon of Goldman Sachs and Marc Benioff of Salesforce

One of the greatest lessons from the pandemic is that leaders must fundamentally change the way they plan for the uncertainties of the future, says Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff on a recent episode of Talks at GS. “We have to look at all the different potential outcomes here, because we’re in a new pandemic world,” he tells Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO David Solomon in the sit-down filmed at the firm’s Tech & Internet Conference. “How will you execute in multiple scenarios? How will you look at your business? Where are you in your digital transformation?” For Salesforce, that emphasis on flexibility is reflected in its recent acquisition of the business communication platform Slack. “We’re altering our company to prepare for the future,” Benioff says. “Because we want to be well-positioned and relevant for our customers in the future. We have been this year. But we also want to be for the next decade.”

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