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The path to success is not always easy – just ask aspiring entrepreneurs, and they will tell you the tiresome, persistent process that has kept them awake on many nights. As you continue to pursue your career dreams, reading up on some successful entrepreneurship stories can help boost morale, especially if you already have a business plan, have taken out a loan, and have found a space, and all you need is a boost of encouragement. 

After all, starting a business from scratch is one of the scariest things in the world. Instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong, think about the things that could go right and how one day, your name could fall in the list of best entrepreneur stories. Of course, if you read up on any entrepreneurship success story, you will find that most successful businessmen have gone through their fair share of struggles. Many of them failed but continued to pursue their goals relentlessly. Remember, perseverance is the key to success.

MaryBeth Hyland- Founder of Spark Vision

One of the most inspiring entrepreneur’s stories is of MaryBeth Hyland. She faced loads of abuse during her early life, which led her to question her self-worth. However, she delved into creating her own company, despite all her struggles. Spark Vision is a company that collaborates with other businesses and encourages them to maintain a collaborative office workplace, moving away from the toxic office culture.

Hyland has excelled in millennial engagement as she aims for her business to help businesses build close bonds with their employees. Her survival is an inspiration for all of us, especially because she uses her past experiences to connect with people. Hyland believes that all the ugly things she went through in life have helped her succeed, creating a name for her in the list of top entrepreneurship success stories. The lesson we learn through Hyland’s story is that even the most successful entrepreneurs have a past. They are not as unbreakable as they seem. However, using your past and your experiences to help you excel is one of the biggest strengths that many people acquire to have. Hyland had a troubled childhood. However, instead of letting her life being taken away from her and being a victim of her experiences, she used the pain and hurt to motivate her and create a wonderful business that promotes a healthy office culture. 

Eric Yuan – Founder of Zoom

Without Zoom, can you imagine what quarantine would have been like, especially since businesses and schools have turned to the platform to carry out their day-to-day tasks and activities? However, once you find out how Zoom came into existence, you will be shocked.

During the era of the internet boom – mid-’90s- Eric Yuan entered the US from China. However, it took eight tries as each time he applied for a visa, it was denied. He kept at it because he believed that he could do great things. Patience and perseverance kept him going. Finally, when he applied for a US visa the ninth time, he was approved! However, the entire process took two years. 

Yuan worked for a Silicon Valley communication startup initially, and by 2012, he introduced Zoom to the world. Yuan did not want distance to be a significant factor in communication. He did not want lives to be based around a 12-hour train journey. Instead, he aimed for virtual communication techniques so that long-distance was no longer an issue. 

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Today, 750,000 companies use Zoom. It is used to connect businesses via video and audio conferencing, shared workplaces, chats, and more. The face-to-face video conferencing allows people to see each other in real-time, making communication more realistic and humanistic. It has also allowed millions of employees to work from home and communicate with their workplaces, giving many people a chance to apply to businesses offshore.

Yuan, like millions of other immigrants, had a hard time entering the country of his dreams. However, this did not discourage him. In fact, one of the reasons why Yuan’s entrepreneurship story is inspiring is because of his sheer determination and persistent nature. Having a success story of entrepreneurs is not easy. However, don’t give up, even if you have to wait a few years for your dreams to come true. 

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