Innovation Works Even for Small Entrepreneurs.

This article titled Innovation Helps Small Independent Grocer Thrive appeared in Sun., July 15, 2018 Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  It is a wonderful example of how a third generation, rural grocery store can stay relevant, iterate services, and stay ahead of the competition.  Located in the Southwest portion of Georgia, West Foods is the sole grocery store in Edison, GA deep in the heart of Jimmy Carter peanut country.  Their success has been the ability to innovate, something any business can do.

First to sell cooked food, first to include off-site catering, serving hot breakfast and lunch each day, they will order and ship any grocery product (including ground cornmeal and cane patch syrup) anywhere in the world.  The newest line of retail are chocolate-covered, deep-fried peanut clusters, a confection that won the 2017 Flavor of Georgia competition.  Sold on Amazon and Etsy, your can order them in vanilla or chocolate online or buy them in one of more than 45 retail locations.  To say West Foods is a part of its community would be an understatement.

Whether an idea of a new startup or an improvement to an existing business, to innovate is to introduce as or as if new.  It is never a single event, but rather a combination that depends on asking the right questions using the Innovation Matrix.

Innovation Matrix w examples

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