The Importance of Woo-Woo to Entrepreneurship.

Kat Norton explains the Woo-Woo that powers entrepreneurship.  Catch ahold of it, and you can write your own future.  For years there has been an effort to link some kind of spirituality and subconscious thinking to success in entrepreneurship.  Kyle Garman came close in his book on The Entrepreneurial Mindset, but even it was on the conscious mind.  This gal Kat Norton has hit the nail on the head, linking success to re-programming her subconscious!. She is featured in this month’s Entrepreneur Magazine, and we quote  some of the interview.

Why is she suddenly famous?  Tik-Toc of course.  In her corporate past she used Excel worksheets to analyze corporate operations.  She was good at it, but employed by a consulting firm, was too scared to answer questions in meetings although she knew the answers.  In just two years she is alone at the Top 40 hip-hop Tic-Toc tracks while performing Excel functions.  She did was she was good at and had a passion for, but the explanation for her spectacular success is something core to entrepreneurship but rarely used.  Once mastered her techniques can help every entrepreneur become successful in work and life.

It’s Woo-Woo, my term adopted from the article.  At it basics, it asks you to change your energy transmission.  Science has proven we all emit energy, and we all have known or experience friends and co-workers with less and then excessive energy (think Energy Rabbit).  Entrepreneurs are drawn to magical thinking, best expressed for years as the entrepreneurial mindset, to see opportunity when other can’t and to be willing to take a calculated risk.  What Kat Norton did was read all she could after finding the Breaking the Habit book about being yourself by Joe Dispenza which argues your thoughts have consequence so they create your reality.  She bought the concept hook, line, and sinker.

Kat first used what she knew, Excel.  As she learned this method to “rewire her brain” to a higher energy field, she started a coaching business online for using Excel under the name Miss Excel. It morphed into a big following on Tic-Toc and Instagram to the point that just two years later at age 29, Kat to making…stand by…$100,00 per day from Excel webinars and platform advertisers.  The explanation is this Woo-Woo aspect of entrepreneurship which she used to completely transform her introverted personality in an outgoing, highly energized and positive person.  Studies have shown entrepreneurs are drawn to a higher level of thinking vs. the general population.  She is now convinced this Woo-Woo of a higher energy field has transformed her persona to a smiling, confident and rich young lady.

Are you interested in following suit?  The idea to put out positive, high energy that comes back compounded. If you project positive energy, people are attracted to it, you act more confident, stand taller, and smile wider.  Kat says if you put yourself into this higher level of energy, you become aligned where thoughts and actions are one.  She truly believes her success in Excel webinars on social media are because of “this high vibrational state”.  An expert in hypnosis, Lacy Phillips, writes one has to rewire their brain chemistry, “one should get all the visions of what they like, things that happened during your childhood.  And, as they come up you realize [there could have been another way to use your subconscious positively].”

Your editor knows there is a place for positive motivation in entrepreneurship.  As younger people and students see their vision, gain confidence, hone their personal human relations skills, and align their passion subconsciously to their goals they become another person and begin to live the life of an entrepreneur.  $100,000 per day at age 29 makes her system worth a try!

Written by Current blog editor Clint Day partially paraphrasing Entrepreneurs Magazine’s article by Paul Six in its April-May issue, page. 42-47.  I have used Kat’s technique in my early  startups and been surprised by what became reality.  This process is not Woo-Woo.



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