Goodie Nation ‘Walks the Talk’.

Hacking for Violence Summer 2017 by Goodie Nation Social Impact Accelerator, Atlanta, GA

#HackTheViolence is our year-long effort to reduce the number of people that die in the United States each year from violent means. We provide a role for all people to play in our innovative process by combining everyday people, from middle school students to senior citizens, with subject-matter experts and highly-skilled professionals in an effort to address this toughest challenge.

The Process is divided into two parts: developing innovators (people) and tech startup social enterprises. Innovator Development focuses on training & supporting current/future entrepreneurs and mentors on tech startup entrepreneurship philosophies and methodologies through design thinking labs, support groups, a college incubator, bootcamps, and hackathons. Participants include middle school students, high school students, college students, teachers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. We develop tech startup social enterprises through our social impact pre-accelerator where the goal is to help launch 15 startups that address some category of violence by January 2018.

Goodie College Innovation Lab #HackTheViolence is a 4-week tech social entrepreneurship incubator for teams of college students designed to help them create technology solutions that address some part of violence. By providing a safe place to learn and implement techniques used by some of the top innovators and changemakers in the world, students will get a taste of startup life in this fast-paced program where they’ll walk away with mentors and a prototype they can use to get funding.  Eligible students include those who have recently graduated from high school, currently enrolled, or recent graduates of colleges & universities (Associates Degrees through – PhD) to want to come up with ideas for websites, apps, chatbots/digital assistants, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, analytics, Big Data, drones, IoT, etc. solutions. We bring in mentors and professionals to help.  Goodie Nation is a social impact pre-accelerator that provides a role for all people to play in an innovative process solving some of the world’s toughest problems. Our programming develops innovator through training and support as well as social enterprises via a 6-month process. We aim to become a world leader at empowering individuals to solve problems for their own communities.leader by identifying personas for target users/customers, their problem, why the problem exists, value propositions, moonshot ideas, and storyboards.