Gift a Young Adult a Career.

Did You Know?

Your editor, Clint Day, is a published entrepreneurship author.  He wants to reach as many as possible this holiday season so all this publications are grouped together and sold on Amazon as “the Entrepreneurship Power Pack” at cost or $30 for four.  It can be used to plan and succeed at startup using the Silicon Valley evidenced-based method of customer development (Steve Blank’s design).  Because the end-user plays a pivotal role in the process, it is inherently successful.  All the wannabe entrepreneur needs to add is….desire.

Motivation of Persistence.

We even help with this critical element by drawing the student to Positive Psychology by Martin Seligman and Dr. Flow (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi…”Csik-zen-mihali”).  Seligman proves using the scientific method that people are happy with a purpose and doing what they love while Mihaly showed people (entrepreneurs) loose track of time and love to go to work when they are “in the flow” of a passionate interest.  Add this positive psychology to the “lean” startup method of entrepreneurship and a young person can literally change the course of their life.

Help them out his holiday through buying and sending the Power Pack far and near.  Amazon will do the wrapping and shipping, and we’re starting early to get theses valuable packages out to young people in time to change their lives!

Here’s the Amazon Entrepreneurship Pack site

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