Eviscerating Excuses and Busting Business Myths.

Watch Jon Taffer Unforgettable Talk

Want to know the secret of success? Just ask Jon Taffer. “Appreciate the power of knowledge. Seek knowledge. Knowledge is confidence. Confidence drives success. I have always been very confident,” he told Entrepreneur in advance of his keynote address at Entrepreneur Live, a day-long conference held this past week in Los Angeles.

To say that Taffer dropped knowledge on the Entrepreneur Live audience would be an understatement. He promised the audience that he would pull their brains out of their heads, twist them up and shove them back in, and he delivered. Over the course of his hour-long talk, Taffer busted business myths, eviscerated excuses and sent people to the doors excited to transform their businesses.   (Courtesy entrepreneur.com/articles/304758)

Jon Taffer, star of Paramount Network’s “Bar Rescue,” has hired thousands of people over his 35-year career as an entrepreneur. He has owned 17 different hospitality businesses, founded consulting firm Taffer Dynamics, and even helped create the NFL’s “Sunday Ticket.” As an expert in managing people, Taffer says he doesn’t look for the candidates with the most impressive resumes when he’s selecting new staff.

“I’m the type of employer who will hire based on personality, based on potential,” he tells CNBC Make It. “If you put the resume before the personality you’re going to fail. “The wrong personality with the greatest resume in a business will not grow that business,” explains Taffer, author of “Don’t Bulls— Yourself!: Crush the Excuses That Are Holding You Back.” “The right personality with a weak resume can be filled in. That’s the employee who will become great.”