Entrepreneurship Bar Chart

entrepreneurship bar chartStrengthen skills, know where to start and reduce your risk. Growing in universities as a separate degree in itself, any business major or inspired self-starter will find a barrage of tools that create a road map to the American Dream. With a focus on doing it “lean”, this 6-page guide by our author, successful entrepreneur and well-connected Babson College SEE graduate.

For ordering information, to to www.barcharts.com and search for “business” charts or click here to buy on Amazon. The Entrepreneurship Bar Chart is also available in college bookstores and FedEx stores.

Suggested uses:
• Students – quick reference tool for a major in entrepreneurship or business
• Professors – supplemental reference for courses that focus on aspects of business and entrepreneurship
• Personal – start your own business – for people who want to work for themselves and feel there is a better way to providing a service or product that they feel is meaningful, fulfilling and profitable
• Consultants – provide as a supplemental reference and/or promotional give-away for entrepreneurship and start-up presentations, courses, conferences, training and the like.

IMG_1556Product Features

Topics covered include:
• History of Entrepreneurs
• Anatomy of Entrepreneurs
• Venture Value Creation
• Innovation & Creativity
• Niche Products & Services
• Intrapreneurship
• Creations of a Start-Up Business
• New Business Planning
• Small Business Marketing
• Funding & Financial Viability
• Business Operations
• Exit from Venture: “Harvest” the Business
• Resources
• Terminology
• The Entrepreneurship Map
• New Venture Foundation


Title: Entrepreneurship (Quick Study Business) Bar Chart
Author: Inc. BarCharts, Clinton E. Day 
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business
Formats: Paperback (Laminated)
Published by: QuickStudy 
ISBN: 9781423225393
Pub. Date: May 31st, 2015
Number of pages: 6
Purchase at: 
Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk and Barnes&Noble
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