Entrepreneurship Alive & Well in Latin America


From Mexico to Argentina and points in between, Latin America’s major cities have emerged as some of the world’s most vibrant centers for entrepreneurship. Region-wide, there are at least two dozen unicorns in industries ranging from on-demand deliveries to digital payments. Startups have sprung up everywhere to fill the void of access to services such as credit, health care and education. Yet millions upon millions of people, especially women, remain unserved. Where can technology break down barriers further? Who’s going to bankroll the next wave of innovation? At the Bloomberg New Economy Gateway Latin America, Angélica Fuentes, Founder and President, Muvop; Mate Pencz, Founder and Co-CEO, Loft; Sumita Pandit, Chief Operating Officer, dLocal, speak with Carol Massar, Anchor, “Bloomberg Businessweek”, Bloomberg Television and Radio

Entrepreneurship is the trend in Latin America

What does it take to become a Latin American Mark Zuckerberg, or even just someone who makes a living running a business out of his living room?

The motivation to become an entrepreneur is not always money. Whether it is through programs to attract entrepreneurs –such as Start-Up Chile in the so-called Chilecon Valley-, or through training to develop a business model, or even some simple but timely advice, any incentive serves to transform big ideas into lucrative businesses.

Youth opt to become entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, nearly two of every three Latin American entrepreneurs are driven by opportunity rather than necessity.

The Latin American and Caribbean region has become a breeding ground for new businesses led by young people. It is now the second most enterprising region in the world.

Four of every 10 Latin American youth report a desire to become an entrepreneur, but not all of them take that first step.


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