Entrepreneurial Mindset in CareerSource Training

Daytona Beach CareerSource Training Discovers the Value of Mindset Training – ELI (the Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative, founder of the Ice House Program in Mentor, OH) features the successful Daytona Beach community in this one hour interview to illustrates the impact of adding entrepreneurial mindset training. They found through experimentation that introducing the empowerment of entrepreneurial thinking in both the local Mary Karl College of Workforce & Continuing Education curriculum and the CareerSource Flager/Volusia training has brought big changes. They count a wide group of personas among the lives impacted adding entrepreneurial mindset teaching -the formerly incarcerated, re-skilled employees, all sized employers seeking soft-skilled labor, and college courses across-the-board.

You’ll hear an interview hosted by ELI President Rob Herndon and featuring Dr. Sherryl Weems, Associate Vice President of the Mary Karl College of Workforce & Continuing Education and Robin King and Charlie Howell of CareerSource Flager/Volusia as they describe the incredible impact of mindset training on student engagement and employer value in Daytona Beach. Not only are graduates more employable to local businesses through new solf-skills, but college faculty realized by adding an entrepreneurial mindset way of thinking every education major, discipline was easier to learn. Students became more valuable to the employers or those interested in self-employment were better prepared for their entrepreneurial journey.

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