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Sheila Cowart is the owner of Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio. Competition is fierce in this space, with more than 38,000 gyms and fitness studios in the United States. To stand out from the crowd, Sheila focused on discovering what real problems people were facing and how her business could help solve it.

For Sheila and Longevita, this means building a positive, community atmosphere that can lead to achieving fitness and activity goals. This course of action includes tailoring classes and routines for pre- and postnatal women, as well as for those with conditions like multiple sclerosis.

“If I can make a positive difference in their life for that hour or hour-and-a-half that they’re here, I fell I’ve done my job,” Sheila says.

Sheila is clear that it’s been a lot of hard work, including filling multiple from sales to marketing and more. Yet, she would never trade it for a more traditional corporate role because she knows that what she does matters and “makes a difference in people’s lives.”

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