EDGEcon Florida, Small Business Conference

Every now and then your editor stumbles across a nugget that must be shared.  This past week was one.  Returning from Google Global Grind in Silicon Valley jet lagged, I arrived late to the annual EDGEcon 2019 in Sarasota FL sponsored by Dave Kauffman, small business counselor, radio host, and official Zig Ziglar trainer.  Wow…it was better than Google Grind!   Spot on our needs, it focused on small business marketing, office tracking, sales, procedures, relationships, and leadership.  Speakers were nationally known Darin Adams, Delattorro McNeal, Jessica Peterson, Charlyn Shelton, Jacob Salem, Lew Sterrett, other Ziegler trainers Brian Fanagan and Ellen Rohr, and the high-powered motivator Brian Forte (frequently shares a stage with Tony Robbins).  Not only was it well organized and timed, but, when it came to break-out sessions one could not make a decision because they were all so good.  The coup d etat was the final speaker, one Ron Klein.  When he finished with his simple message of opportunity all around us, we sat there spell-bound in unison.

Nicknamed “the Grandfather of Possibilities” Ron prefers the tag of “innovator”.  He is the inventor of the magnetic strip on credit cards, credit card validity checking system and developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) services, voice response for the banking industry and bond quotation and trade information for the New York Stock Exchange.  His message was to sell the benefits not the product, become a good listener, and to always be on the lookout for an opportunity.

The unlimited potential for entrepreneurs was apparent.  Ellen Rohr said to double what ever monetary goal you may have set for yourself since it is just as achievable.  Dave Kauffman host, answered this editor’s question about small business growth with this profound advice, “insource creativity and outsource productivity”.  Maria Andros shared her success using video to accelerate sales through a live video then posted as a recording.  Speaking about kindness in business, Charlyn Shelton suggested everyone watch the Daniel Pink 9-min video on the Science of Motivation -TED talk = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_5kz2jNiJE.

The great ideas for growing a small business, for self-improvement, coaching, digital applications kept coming at us.  EDGEcon is a real  precious gold  event, and I would encourage everyone who reads this entrepreneurship blog to attend in 2020, Feb. 28 & 29th, a good time to visit Sarasota, Florida for a winter break.  I promise I will be there!