App Created by Gonzaga Grads Takes You to a Mystery Restaurant.

SPOKANE, Wash. — A new app created by Gonzaga grads could settle an age-old dinner debate: What’s for dinner?

“I take my girlfriend out on a Friday night, we just use the WildRide App. That’s basically how date night goes down,” Wildride App co-owner Cody Lippert said.

Lippert and Chloe Sabo are two of five Gonzaga graduates that created the “WildRide” app. It is the product of a class assignment, but the idea came from just two words.

“One of our co-founders got the words ‘bar’ and ‘roulette’. So, we put them together and came up with how can we make this work and we realized there’s a need for the decision making in finding a restaurant. So, we wanted to provide for that need,” Sabo said.

It is a free app you can download on Apple store or Google play. It works in any city with any restaurant listed on Yelp. The app will take you to a mystery bar or restaurant that’s within a 15-mile radius of your current location.

The Gonzaga entrepreneurship program is chaired by Dr. Toddy Finkle, a pioneer innovator-