CA Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 12-14 April.

At the California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference for 2018, San Diego State University, we have included the “creative disruptors” in the field and they will share what they are learning, teaching and researching with respect to entrepreneurship. This conference will be highly interactive, creating an environment to learn, share and collaborate. Attendees will  interact with their peers and examine how to teach entrepreneurship and conduct research today and brainstorm how to “creatively disrupt” entrepreneurship education for our students of today and tomorrow.  Participants will learn how San  Diego State’s Lavin Center organized and runs its highly successful campus incubator: The Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad.

The conference will explore the research and pedagogy process and receive valuable insights from leading entrepreneurship researchers and educators. It will consist of interactive days dedicated to entrepreneurship in the classroom, looking at how educators can “creatively disrupt” research and pedagogy in interesting ways.  Your editor will be in attendance and report upon completion.