Entrepreneurship Bar Chart

Strengthen skills, know where to start and reduce your risk. Growing in universities as a separate degree in itself, any business major or inspired self-starter will find a barrage of tools that create a road map to the American Dream. With a focus on doing it “lean”, this 6-page guide by our author, successful entrepreneur and well-connected Babson College SEE graduate.

Suggested uses:
• Students – quick reference tool for a major in entrepreneurship or business
• Professors – supplemental reference for courses that focus on aspects of business and entrepreneurship
• Personal – start your own business – for people who want to work for themselves and feel there is a better way to providing a service or product that they feel is meaningful, fulfilling and profitable
• Consultants – provide as a supplemental reference and/or promotional give-away for entrepreneurship and start-up presentations, courses, conferences, training and the like.

Title: Entrepreneurship (Quick Study Business) Bar Chart
Author: Inc. BarCharts, Clinton E. Day 
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business
Formats: Paperback (Laminated)
Published by: QuickStudy 
ISBN: 9781423225393
Pub. Date: May 31st, 2015
Number of pages: 6
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