Be a Clydesdale Not a Thoroughbred.

“Entrepreneurs Aren’t All Unicorns – Some Are Clydesdales” suggests that there are various models of entrepreneurship. The author, Dr. Kasie Whitener, states that “…we have somehow hijacked the word ‘entrepreneur’ in the startup space. The startup ecosystem is often a short game fueled by venture capitalists looking to make money by betting on the right horse. The startup story has become one of speed, innovation, and serial founders. I submit that is not the only model of entrepreneurship.”

Entrepreneurship is not always about a billion or even a multi-million dollar exit.  Sometimes is is just about finding work to support your family, i.e. building something sustainable. As the authors states, “It’s slow and it’s purposeful and it’s not as sexy as the-next-big-thing. But it’s entrepreneurship. And we could use more of it.”

Courtesy of the Carlsen Center for Entrepreneurship, CSSU Sacramento

Note from Editor – My experience as a serial entrepreneur and decade teaching startups, I could not find a better description of the process.  Clydesdales can be sexy.

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