Best Practices of Entrepreneurship LinkedIn Live Broadcast

A treasure of entrepreneurship education based on questioning two highly rated entrepreneurship professors who head programs on the two coasts, one in Los Angeles and the other in Tampa FL.  Each one has unique experience and specialties to share with entrepreneurs, educators and the business world in general.

All participants, your editor Clint Day, Dr. Andy Gold of Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, and Mike Grimshaw director of entrepreneurship at Cal State Dominguez Hills  (Los Angeles), were successful entrepreneurs before moving into teaching the subject. Andy and Mike also operate busy incubators on their campuses, enjoy diverse student bodies, and have disadvantage entrepreneurs programs (Andy’s EEVF inside and Mike Enactus activity for underdeveloped country students to speak on the social aspect of new venture.

With so much to cover, we tried to list resources for both entrepreneurs and their educators which may entail stopping the recording (runs 57 minutes) at selected points and replay to hear the source repeated.   Email are provided at the conclusion, and we encourage any viewer to contact the speaker for more information on topics of interest.  Some the resources on the web:

Current in Entrepreneurship Blog –  (host & blog editor)  – developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders using social innovation.  – National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (included referenced EVVF inner city funding).

Cal State Dominguez Hills. –

Hillsborough Community College  –

STRIVE veterans entrepreneurship program  –


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