Anti-Fragile MIT Entrepreneurship Excellent Webinar Speakers






Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Antifragile: Making the Ethical Decision

In descending order:

Decision Making in a Crisis – Jocko Willink (Navy Seal) and Billy Campbell (Miracle on the Hudson)

How to Stay Mentally Strong – Arlan Hamilton (Backstage Capital), Brad Feld (Co-Founder Techstars), and Kathleen Stetson (CEO of Rational Confidence).

Making Ethical Decision: Principled Entrepreneurship – Tom Byers (Stanford Entrepreneurship), Laura Dunham (Schulze School of Entrepreneurship), and Jon Fjeld (Duke Philosophy professsor).

Creativity in a  Crisis – What the Opportunities on the Other Side?  – Tina Seelig (Prof of Practice, Stanford) and David Morris (TEDx speaker and Improv instructor at StartMIT).

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