5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit.


Held Feb. 3rd and based from UC Berkeley, the purpose of the Summit was to strengthen the entrepreneurship community by creating opportunities for lean educators to share best practices and a dialogue.  Some of the themes included training the next generation of entrepreneurs, facilitating the impact tech commercialization, engaging communities beyond our campus, lean innovation educators responsibilities, and practices-lessons learned in our COVID environment.

Keynote feature Dr. Richard Lyons, Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer of UC Berkeley who discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by lean innovation educators.  Chair Jerry Engle conducted a fireside chat below (starts at 52 minutes in of a 2.5 hours session).

Dr. Lyons emphasized the value of both sides of any question, to put a benefit lens on everything and to question the status quo.   He also spoke of the importance of working with and through other people to get the most done.  An interesting fact he shared was the fact UC Berkeley over the last 20 years has realized more revenue from startup equity than from the State of CA.

Some other thoughts from the Summit were Tom Byers of Stanford engineering reminding us of their Entrepreneurship Network that connects various campus entities, the Capacity Utilization Concept, an economic concept which refers to the extend to which an enterprise or a nation actually uses its installed productive capacity, and Phil Weilerstein of Venture Well commenting on the emergence of entrepreneurship in engineering schools and fact venture creation is the ultimate educational experience.

Content from the breakout sessions appears near the end of the You Tube recording above, the session led by luminaries in our field -Ivy Schultz, Columbia, Julie Collins from Ga Tech’s NSF program, UCSF medical’s Stephanie Marrus, Steve Blank and his co-author Bob Dorf, Jim Chung from George Washington, and Dave Chapman from University College London.

 Courtesy of TrustedPeer’s Philip Bouchard, Closing by Editor C. Day

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