Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now

IndustriesNowBreaking into any industry is always hard, but certain sectors have tailwinds that make them attractive for new entrants.  Featured in an Inc. Magazine article in February 2016 (page 24) are four of today’s hottest industries, complete with projected revenue data for the next five years from market research company IBIS World.  It’s still early days for these fields relative to more established sectors, but that’s part of what makes them attractive if you’re looking to launch your first (or second or third) business.  Expect many of tomorrow’s fastest-growing companies to call them home:  (1) Fraud-Detection Software  (2) Drone Manufacturing, (3) Biometric Scanning Software, and  (4) Corporate Wellness.   Projected revenue from 2015-2020 (1) $4.3B, (2) $7.2B, (3) $9.5 B, and (4) $10.5B.

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