36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival

The annual 36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival located in Nashville, Tennessee (named for latitude 36 and longitude 86) engages the startup ecosystem in substantial ways! Launch Tennessee creates the perfect balance of venues, speakers, sponsors and volunteers. Launch Tennessee CEO, Margaret Dolan helps transform Music City into an Entrepreneurship destination friendly for all startups.

Two bright summer days, engaging conversations and southern hospitality like you would not believe, create an environment that earns its national presence. Across entrepreneurship disciplines, both successes and failures are shared for the attendees benefit.

Both days, the agenda is packed with options to explore with amazing Pitch Competitions and networking events like Live on the Green concert capping each day off with a win for everyone. A keynote chat includes Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, US Senator Bob Corker and Commissioner Bob Rolfe discussing the importance of their startup friendly state and lessons learned. A main event discussion showcases Apple Machine Learning & Accessibility Research Leader Jeffrey P. Bigham. Jeffrey’s conversation reveals how carefully Apple approaches Machine Learning to ensure that it will continue to improve accessibility for all their users. He focuses on the iPhone as an example to point out each way a user engages with device covering Vision, Hearing, Mobility and Learning. One ambitious panel covers the importance of art and the creative economy with the agreed upon passionate statement, ‘Artists are Independent but Not Alone!’ in a call for community and support. Andrea Zieher, Contemporary Art Director, is leading the way on a major statewide contemporary art event in 2021 named the Tennessee Triennial.

The unique 36|86 agenda spread across venues allows for an immersive learning experience for each attendee. Entrepreneurs in need of funding are even supported with ‘Investor Speed dating’ to pitch their companies during the event and build their network!

Take a look at this two minute highlight video clip to see 36|86 for yourself!

Thank you to the amazing Launch TN team for their contribution to the startup Entrepreneurs of your great state and beyond!

Overall, 36|86 captures the essence of why Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc. believes in offering the Entrepreneurship products and trainings we do!

Save the Date for 36|86 August 26-27 2020!

by Clinton D. Swigart, CPA, MA
Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc.