New Founders Podcast, 1st Episode Story of WeWork

For years Adman Neumann sold the world on this vision:  that his company, WeWork, was going to turn the trillion-dollar commercial real estate industry and “elevate the world’s consciousness.”  But last year, in the span of just a few months, everything fell apart.

What went wrong?  The first podcast from Bloomberg Technology below will tell you the story of WeWork…how it captured the startup boom the 2010s and also became a spectacular bust that marked the end of an era.   Apple Podcast

Episode One – Capitalist Kibbutz:  Adam Neumann, the founder of WeWork, was a rising start in Silicon Valley.  His reckless behavior tanked his company, which was once valued at $47 billion, and got him ousted as CEO.  In this episode, reporter Ellen Huet looks at Adman Neumann’s early childhood living on a kibbutz in southern Israel, which he says inspired WeWork and the company’s message of community.

Episode Two – The Bar is Now at Your Desk:  WeWork sold it customers a fun environment, where beer flowed freely and members partied at the office.  But getting these WeWork offices off the ground was utter chaos, especially for the burgeoning company’s young, inexperienced workers.  In this episode, reporter Ellen Huet takes a look at WeWork’s early days, when the company was growing so fast that buildings opened without functioning bathrooms and police raided an office for mishandling alcohol.

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