2021 USASBE Conference, “Be Boldly Unscripted”






Today in the 3rd day of the 2021 virtual USASBE Conference we uncovered a diamond in the rough, Tawnya Means from the University of Nebraska College of Business.  She gave a presentation on the Value of Teaching under the Growth Mindset that sparkled.  In 2020 many thing changed  -anything can be taught online, there were advantages to online instruction, things will never go back to they way they were before, and online requires a different toolset.

Learnings were never lecture longer than 20 minutes, require attendance with standards (on camera, in touch, organized), use chat for polls, bring-out the “wallflowers” through chat, support the students, make sure they can interact, and they understand the meaning of every session.  Everyone needs to make connection -student-to-student, teacher-to-student, and most importantly student-to-content. Stay current, do not resist change, and remain open to opportunities in a digital world.  Per the ASU’s 3rd-party tools, there are 5 content creation sites, 12 meaningful video sites, 4 feedback sites, 9 polling sites, 2 proctoring, 2 plagiarsm detection, 4 collaboration, 6 discussion, and 16 miscellaneous function websites.

The concept of “let learn’ means a teacher needs to decide what to teach, where, when and how. In other words the right activity, right space, right time and right way.  The point of technology is to connect, belong, to engage, to support, to humanize, and to learn.  We must be open to constant innovation, experimentation, redesigning courses and the student experience to enhance teaching and learning, creating communities of learners who support and motivation each other.

. From Tawnya Means, Ph.D., Asst Dean, Director Teaching and Learning Center, Professor of

  Practice, Management, College of Business, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, @Tawnya_Means

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