10 Habits Successful People Have on Repeat

A Short Guide on Being a Success In life

First of all success is what you define it as. But success at its core is consistency, and agency in any pursuit.

Most often we think of success as career based or monetary. This is misleading because you can be a success at anything you attempt. Please hear that. Go beyond the confines of your definitions of success and define it for yourself.

Furthermore, the fact that you attempt anything new is a success because you are expanding yourself. In the totality of life, you want to be a success and every skill or pursuit you attempt makes you successful at life.

Life is about expanding oneself and learning. Gaining experiences. In the end, if you do that? You were a success at life and I can’t think of a better thing to be successful at.

But there are keys to being a “successful” person that we often don’t realize. There are steps and actions that successful people have and I want to share those with you.

I firmly believe that if you use the 10 principles of successful people listed below that you will be a success! No matter what your endeavors in life, follow these and you will achieve results.

They Are Decisive and Don’t Second Guess it

There is one quality successful people have that separates them from the rest.           They act.

Successful people don’t get in their own way and second guess themselves. They just pursue what they’re after and dive headlong into the pursuit. I have to ask you; have you ever achieved anything in life without action?

Did you get your degree, the job you wanted, or the love you have without action? I think you can answer that for yourself. But the resounding answer is you did not.

We often don’t achieve success because we simply don’t act. We get caught up in our head, fear creeps in and we freeze. I mean let’s get real, success is scary. What if I told you tomorrow you could be standing in front of an arena delivering the message you feel inside? You’d probably think I was crazy, then you would think, “that’s not possible!” Examine that thought process for a minute. Who’s standing in your way?

They Are Productive Not busy

Successful people are productive, they aren’t just filling the time. They make their time count.  You only have so long on this planet so why aren’t you investing it in pursuits that matter?

How do you know if you are being busy or productive? Think of being busy as a scatter-plot of energy. If you are busy you are not focused, instead, you are being pulled in a million directions. And being busy is a great way to deter you from success since you’re too distracted to focus on what’s important to you.

So what does being productive look like? If you are being productive you’re “in the zone,” you’re the tip of the spear, you function with laser precision. You focus on one task at a time until it’s completed and give all your energy to that task.

You become results oriented instead of output oriented.

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