Clint 2

Clintoneday.com is the resource for entrepreneurship, current news, references, and contemporary information.  Each publication was specifically written to fill a vacuum…the entrepreneurship chart for college bookstores (there was none), Set Your Own Salary for wannabe entrepreneurs (to gain idea choices with a high percentage model), and Understanding Lean Startup (combines the dozen or so books that together make up lean startup).

Set Your Own Salary

Next, Clint saw that there was no specific book about “how to do it” with choices of businesses and a simplified model (the HPM, high percentage model) until SYOS, Set Your Own Salary, which was published in 2015.

Entrepreneurship Chart

For example, Clint noticed that there was no study guide chart on the discipline which has grown to importance in business education over the last fifteen years. So he partnered with Bar Charts to provide a succinct study guide to fill that void.

Understanding Lean Startup

Finally, ULS, Understanding Lean Startup, was written to put all the divergent pieces of evidenced-based entrepreneurship into one book so a reader does not have to purchase twelve separate paperbacks.
A student of entrepreneurship or a person in general could easily use these publications and information from the up-to-date (changes 2-3 times a week) Current in Entrepreneurship blog to start their own business.  The website contains ideas, methods, and references.  In short, everything an aspirant entrepreneur needs is here. 

Complete Guide to Entrepreneurial Success

Download Clint’s guide here to begin your own entrepreneurship journey!