Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc

Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc. (ERI), is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading entrepreneurship education to meet the disruption caused by the “Gig Economy,” whose workforce is being displaced by technology and globalization.  Through workshops, publications, blogging, and appearances, ERI is empowering populations with opportunities for fractional work through practical steps to self-employment. ERI welcomes tax-deductible contributions to enable us to help more people, and we pride ourselves on measuring our work by outcomes.

What is The Gig Economy?

Gig Economy* has been slowly created by the rise of software and the internet.  Many USA jobs are going overseas or being replaced by machines.  As an example, Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer that uses artificial intelligence, can make business decisions.  Its ability to research legal precedent better than humans is replacing entry jobs for new lawyers.  The work of understanding and replacing both simple and complex jobs, is making entrepreneurship increasingly in demand.  Because it is the primary solution to job displacement, the knowledge revolution, which supplanted the industrial revolution, is shifting to an entrepreneurial period. In this transition from knowledge to entrepreneurship, it is the individuals who invest early and heavily in entrepreneurship who will gain the most.  Fortunately, entrepreneurship is a skill set which can be acquired.

Purpose of ERI

The purpose of ERI is to empower employees displaced by the gig economy,  including the disabled, veteran, and disadvantaged populations with entrepreneurship education so they can start small businesses, improve their lives, employ people, and grow the economy.


Nitty Gritty

The Core Program builds on the work of Clinton E. Day, entrepreneurship professor and author,  through group lectures, workshops, and book talks to affinity groups (Chambers of Commerce, colleges, universities, state economic entities, federal agencies, community service clubs, downsized corporations, and trade associations).

Validated Planning

Silicon Valley startups have designed a better and more successful way to start a new business.  Because evidenced-based entrepreneurship uses validated planning, it doubles the chances for success and reduces risk.  ERI embraces this method of planning sometimes called lean or smart startup, and its staff have been formally trained to teach others the method.

Please click here to read The Complete Package for Entrepreneurship accessibly priced.  Here is a link listing the ten most popular speaking topics and a contact point. To stay up-to-date in what is current in entrepreneurship, go to Clint’s blog
* For more information about a Gig Economy, click here.