Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc

Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc. (ERI), is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students, educators, non-profits, large corporations and K12 teachers with entrepreneurship. Through training and coaching, ERI equips instructors and administrators with lean, evidenced-based planning skills, now the accepted method for new venture startup. Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught, and “lean” makes it possible for anyone with desire to learn it.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it a critical ability to have. Our Entrepreneurship publications and training videos provide the tools needed for a person to start their own business.

Click here for the shocking impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on unemployment and the need for one and all to study entrepreneurship.

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What is The Gig Economy?

Our Gig Economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers will be independent contractors. They need an entrepreneurial competence and mindset. Additionally, being able to start one’s own business has become a survival skill. All levels of K12 education through college should mandate entrepreneurship to equip students for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution now quickly automating blue and white collar jobs. McKinsey predicts 38% of the U. S. workforce will be eliminated because of “deep learning” machines by 2030, a true job crisis.

Workers must move from a focus on “having a job that makes money” to “having skills that make money.” We are moving from ownership of jobs to creating new jobs.

Purpose of ERI

The purpose of ERI is to train educators at all levels (colleges, workforces, non-profits, and corporations) in lean startup methods.    There are 14 different ways to validate a concept, and our reference is the only document with each listed and explained.

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Nitty Gritty

The Core Program builds on the work of Clinton E. Day, entrepreneurship professor and author,  through group lectures, workshops, and book talks to affinity groups. Our primary emphasis is training the “lean”, evidenced-based state-of-the-art method.  Because of its validation nature, anyone with desire can learn entrepreneurship and start their own business.  Each ERI teacher is credentialed in the methodology. 

Validated Planning

Silicon Valley startups have designed a better and more successful way to start a new business.  Because evidenced-based entrepreneurship uses validated planning, it doubles the chances for success and reduces risk.  ERI embraces this method of planning sometimes called lean or smart startup, and its staff have been formally trained to teach others the method.

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